Having Difficulties in your marriage?

Join our webinar for recently married and soon to be married couples

Date: Saturday, 26th August 2023

Time: 4pm

Are you excited, about creating the marriage that fulfills your dreams? If you’re engaged or have been married in the five years then this webinar is tailored for you! Join us as we delve into the principles of establishing a thriving marriage from a Christian perspective.

What you will learn
  • Financial management- Gain insights into successfully managing your finances as a couple.
  •  Building relationships with in-laws; Discover techniques for fostering bonds with your family.
  •  Spiritual growth together; Learn how to nurture your faith and grow spiritually as a couple.
  • Shifting your mindset-Discover how to cultivate a positive
    outlook towards marriage.
  •  Conflict resolution
    -Learn strategies to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.
  •  Nurturing
    intimacy-Explore ways to enjoy a fulfilling relationship within the bond of


This webinar is entirely FREE of charge; however, we have limited spaces available and advise that you register today to secure your spot!



As an added bonus, we will be offering a free Ebook on building a successful marriage, available for you to download following the webinar.

We are thrilled about the valuable insights we will be sharing during the webinar. We have also prepared a variety of tips and tools that are sure to empower and equip you in your journey toward building a lasting and fulfilling marriage.


Our goal is to provide you with practical guidance and actionable steps that will help nurture and strengthen your relationship, cultivating a deeper sense of love and happiness in your life together. 

Our Speakers

We have a team of coaches who specialize in guiding couples, towards building resilient and thriving marriages. Their deep commitment to assisting couples in realizing their aspirations is truly inspiring. They are eager to impart their valuable insights, with you.

Sophia Abuh

Sophia-Agbo Abuh is a lawyer and trainer in Nigeria with over 15 years experience, she is passionate about policies for sustainable growth and development.Sophia believes that great marriages never happen by accident; they happen because the couples involved decide to make it work. Also she is also an  Author of two published books – Making Adjustments in Marriage and Why not Romance.

Grace Osemerin

Grace Osemerin is a financial analyst and business strategist who is on a mission to help women audaciously step out and unleash the power within them without barriers.

She empowers women to be their best economically, socially, financially and otherwise through her trainings. She is the founder of ‘Dpowawoman’. A movement set out to fulfill this mission.

She is a wife and mother to 3 children.

Hope Bassey

Hope Bassey holds an MBA in Information and Communications Technology and a Postgraduate Extended Diploma in Business Management (Information Technology) from the Westford University College.

An absolutely dedicated son of God, husband and father, Hope upholds the principles of the scriptures in relation to marriage.

Transform your marriage with powerful tools to elevate your relationship and make your dreams of a fulfilling and thriving marriage a reality. Let’s collaborate and invest in ourselves and those we love. This is the first step towards a beautiful reality. Register now!